Prof. Dr. Guido Reifenberger

Research Interest

The research group of G. Reifenberger is primarily interested in the identification and characterisation of genetic and epigenetic aberrations in primary brain tumors, in particular gliomas and medulloblastomas. Molecular genetic analyses, including genome-wide profiling approaches at the genomic and transcriptomic levels are performed on primary human tumor tissues as well as cell lines and experimental mouse models. A particular focus is placed on the role of miRNAs and epigenetic alterations, including changes in DNA methylation and histone modifications in brain tumor pathogenesis. Moreover, the group is very much interested in the translation of novel laboratory findings into the molecular diagnostics of brain tumors. To facilitate translational research involving the use of primary human brain tumor tissue specimens, one of  the world-wide largest brain tumor tissue banks has been established. A second area of research concerns the role of epigenetic changes and miRNA alterations in organismal aging.

Specific Projects

(1) Role of miRNA in stroma aging (BMBF GerontoSys Consortium)

(2) Molecular characterization of pediatric brain tumors (undefinedICGC PedBrain Consortium)

(3) Clinical validation of molecular markers in medulloblastoma (undefinedBMBF consortium)

(4) Identification and clinical validation of novel molecular markers in glioma (Deutsche Krebshilfe - undefinedGerman Glioma Network)

Selected Publications

1. Barbus, S., Tews, B., Karra, D., Hahn, M., Radlwimmer, B., Delhomme, N., Hartmann, C., Felsberg, J., Krex, D., Schackert, G., Martinez, R., Reifenberger, G., Lichter, P. (2011). Differential retinoic acid signaling in tumors of long- and short-term glioblastoma survivors. J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 103:598-606. undefinedPubMed

2. Liu, H. K., Wang, Y., Belz, T., Bock, D., Takacs, A., Radlwimmer, B., Barbus, S., Reifenberger, G., Lichter, P., Schütz, G. (2010). The nuclear receptor tailless induces long-term neural stem cell expansion and brain tumor initiation. Genes Dev. 24:683-695. undefinedPubMed

3. Pfister, S., Janzarik, W. G., Remke, M., Ernst, A., Werft, W., Becker, N., Toedt, G., Wittmann, A., Kratz, C., Olbrich, H., Ahmadi, R., Thieme, B., Joos, S., Radlwimmer, B., Kulozik, A., Pietsch, T., Herold-Mende, C., Gnekow, A., Reifenberger, G., Korshunov, A., Scheurlen, W., Omran, H., Lichter, P. (2008). BRAF gene duplication constitutes a mechanism of MAPK pathway activation in low-grade astrocytomas. J. Clin. Invest. 118:1739-1749. undefinedPubMed

4. Knobbe, C. B., Reifenberger, J., Blaschke, B., Reifenberger, G. (2004). Hypermethylation and transcriptional downregulation of the carboxyl-terminal modulator protein gene in glioblastomas. J. Natl. Cancer Inst. 96:483-486. undefinedPubMed

5. Riemenschneider, M. J., Büschges, R., Wolter, M., Reifenberger, J., Boström, J., Kraus, J. A., Schlegel, U., Reifenberger, G. (1999). Amplification and overexpression of the MDM4 (MDMX) gene from 1q32 in a subset of malignant gliomas without TP53 mutation or MDM2 amplification. Cancer Res. 59:6091-6096. undefinedPubMed

6. Reifenberger J, Wolter M, Weber RG, Megahed M, Ruzicka T, Lichter P, Reifenberger G (1998). Missense mutations in SMOH in sporadic basal cell carcinomas of the skin and primitive neuroectodermal tumors of the central nervous system. Cancer Res. 58:1798-1803. undefinedPubMed

7. Weber, R. G., Boström, J., Wolter, M., Baudis, M., Collins, V. P., Reifenberger, G., Lichter, P. (1997). Analysis of genomic alterations in benign, atypical, and anaplastic meningiomas: toward a genetic model of meningioma progression. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA. 94:14719-14724. undefinedPubMed

8. Reifenberger, G., Reifenberger, J., Ichimura, K., Meltzer, P. S., Collins, V. P. (1994). Amplification of multiple genes from chromosomal region 12q13-14 in human malignant gliomas: preliminary mapping of the amplicons shows preferential involvement of CDK4, SAS, and MDM2. Cancer Res. 54:4299-4303. undefinedPubMed

9. Reifenberger, J., Reifenberger, G., Liu, L., James, C. D., Wechsler, W., Collins, V. P. (1994). Molecular genetic analysis of oligodendroglial tumors shows preferential allelic deletions on 19q and 1p. Am. J. Pathol. 145:1175-1190. undefinedPubMed

10. Reifenberger, G., Liu, L., Ichimura, K., Schmidt, E. E., Collins, V. P. (1993). Amplification and overexpression of the MDM2 gene in a subset of human malignant gliomas without p53 mutations. Cancer Res. 53:2736-2739. undefinedPubMed

Prof. Dr.
Guido Reifenberger


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