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Group leader: Proteomics

Prof. Dr. Kai Stühler
Biologisch-Medizinisches Forschungszentrum (BMFZ)
Molecular Proteomics Laboratory (MPL)
Universitätsstraße 1
40225 Düsseldorf

Research Interests

The group of Kai Stühler is interested in the elucidation of complex biological systems by proteomics in the field of tumorigenesis, aging and neuroregeneration. Proteomics permits to analyze thousands of proteins in parallel and offers the unprecedented opportunity to describe protein networks on a global scale. With the combination of protein mass spectrometry and high resolution protein separation proteomics allows to quantify protein abundance and characterize proteins primary structure, posttranslational modification status on a molecular level.

Furthermore, the group has applied proteomics in translational clinical research. By analysing tissue specimen it could be shown that novel candidate biomarker can be identified and validated for in vitro diagnostics application.

Specific Projects
  • Identification of glioblastoma antigens by proteome analyses (German Glioma Network, Deutsche Krebshilfe)
  • Proteome analysis of master regulators in neuroblastoma (ENGINE, NGFNplus, BMBF)
  • Aberrant expression of proteins in gliomas: Molecular mechanisms, functional consequences and clinical significance (Brain Tumor-Netz, NGFNplus, BMBF)
  • Alterations of the proteome associated with the development of obesity (Adipositas Network, NGFNplus, BMBF)
  • Role of protein expression in stromal aging (BMBF GerontoSys Consortium)
  • Entwicklung neuer Biomarkertests zur Unterstützung der molekularen Frühdiagnostik der Alzheimerdemenz (BioNRW, MIFW-NRW)
Further information
Selected Publications
  1. Grzendowski M, Wolter M, Riemenschneider MJ, Knobbe CB, Schlegel U, Meyer HE, Reifenberger G, Stühler K (2010) Differential proteome analysis of human gliomas stratified for loss of heterozygosity on chromosomal arms 1p and 19q, Neuro Oncol. 12 243-256. PubMed
  2. Malzkorn B, Wolter M, Liesenberg F, Grzendowski M, Stühler K, Meyer H, Reifenberger, G (2010) Identification and functional characterization of microRNAs involved in the malignant progression of gliomas. Brain Pathol, 20 539-550. PubMed
  3. Mölleken C, Sitek B, Henkel C, Poschmann G, Sipos B, Wiese S, Warscheid B, Hawranke E, Roggenbrodt S, Broelsch C, Reiser M, Friedman SL, Holmskov U, Schlosser A, Klöppel G, Schmiegel W, Meyer HE, Stühler K (2009) Detection of Novel Biomarkers of Liver Cirrhosis by Proteomic Analysis, Hepatology 49 1257-1266. PubMed
  4. Poschmann G, Sipos B, Sitek B, Ulrich A, Wiese S, Stephan C, B. Warscheid B, Klöppel G, Vander Borght A, Ramaekers FC, Meyer HE, Stühler K (2009) Identification of proteomic differences between squamous cell carcinoma of the lung and bronchial epithelium. Mol Cell Proteomics, 8 1105-1116. PubMed
  5. Sitek B, Sipos B, Alkatout I, Poschmann G, Stephan C, Schulenborg T, Marcus K, Klöppel G, Lüttges J, Dittert DD, Baretton G, Schmiegel W, Meyer HE, Hahn SA, Stühler K (2009) Analysis of the pancreatic tumor progression by a quantitative proteomic approach and immunhistochemical validation, J Proteome Res 8 1647-1656. PubMed
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